2019 Christmas Newsletter


Season’s Greetings in the name of Jesus,

Christmas is such a season of expectation. No matter if, we are young or old, we all can relate to the feelings of expectancy on Christmas morning. Can you remember that “one” Christmas that you were blown away by the arrival of  the gift you had thought about and even envisioned having before it came? Think about that in detail for a moment. Can you also recall what you saw, smelled or heard during that Christmas morning? Isn’t it amazing the power of our memory and the power of expectation?

Just as the Christmas expectations described above, we are EXPECTING an amazing amount of young people coming to Christ and growing in Him through our camps. God is showing us this next year is going to be one of AMAZING growth. As 2020 arrives, we are so excited for all the Scripture you are processing! We are also excited to announce that we will be launching an improved curriculum with a different translation in August, as well. Even though God is growing the ministry, income was down this year; therefore, we do covet your prayers and your support during this time of year-end giving. Thank you for making God’s WORD a priority in your life and the lives of youth, children and adults. 

On behalf of the Board, Staff and Interns of Bible Memory Ministries, I wish you a Merry Christmas and pray that you will sense God’s presence in amazing ways. I pray that all of the written WORD you have stored in your spirit and mind will come to life as the living WORD in your family and your realm of influence this coming year.


In Christ’s Love,

Chris Howell

Executive Director 


PS: Due to a mailing issue today that had all of our letters returned that we just sent out Friday, we decided to post the above newsletter on the website and our Facebook page. Some of you will still receive a physical letter in the next week or so.