2020 Bible Memory Ministries’ Camp Protocols:

Dear Bible Memory Family,

I wanted to show you the artwork for this year's theme. We believe there are great scripture tools that God has given to us to pass on concerning the topic of HOME that are powerful, especially at this time in history. We are working tirelessly to collect data from camps, different States, medical personal, our camp oversight and most importantly Jesus. We are getting positive information from all of these aforementioned groups. God is leading us well. (Proverbs 19:2) So we are just waiting for a few more state's final virus protocols to confirm our next steps for the summer. Thanks for being patient as we work to have a safe and fantastic camp this summer!

For months as a staff and Board we have been seeking God as we discern that an area that is being largely neglected currently is the spiritual health of our nation (campers). Though physical health is important, healthy spirits are God's greatest priority. (1 Timothy 4:8) We are confident in our God and know that all things are possible through Him. (Phil. 4:4-8) Thank you for your patience! Currently, we are leaning towards camps not kick off until the second week of June and run through July. The current and most up-to-date camp calendar is now on our website. Registration will be open on Wednesday May 20, 2020. NOTE: If a state does a complete lock down of residential camps, then we will comply and NOT have the camp. So please keep checking our website to verify that we are still meeting. If canceled, we will fully refund you. At that point it is totally out of our control as we will have exhausted every effort to provide a camp for your child. If this does happen, please pray for us as we strive to thrive despite this set-back. As far as getting verses done, please do your best to get as many of them completed before the new dates and we will try to work with each situation, however we ask that you give your best effort.

I love you and thank you all for the overwhelming majority of positive feedback we are getting from each state’s survey! Our God is able. (Luke 1:37) Thanks to those encouraging our faith with expressions of hope and not living in fear. (2 Timothy 1:7) Please continue to pray for revival in this nation and beyond.

After much intense prayer and seeking God, the Board and Executive Director have agreed to pursue having camps this summer. However, in light of the current health environment we are in, the following protocols will be followed without compromise. NO EXCEPTIONS! We have been following each state’s recommendation and have set this year’s camp schedule to accommodate to the state opening, not when we have typically held camp in “your” specific state.
We have tried to look at everyone’s perspective on times, dates etc., but realize this timeline was based strictly on what was the safest way to still have camps with some sense of familiarity. Thus, we will NOT be able to make special arrangements for each person’s schedule. What is available, is what is available. We totally respect your choice to not come if you are uncomfortable or if your schedule does not allow.



1. We will be holding registration outside in a large enough area to have adequate space. (Barring major weather issues. If that would happen, we will have alternate arrangements.)

2. We ask that only one guardian come into the registration area with their camper(s). (We also ask that non-participating siblings do not come into registration or into the various buildings. We understand that this is inconvenient, but for this year, additional safety measures are necessary.) Those that do not abide by this policy will be refunded and asked to leave the campus. The process of having one guardian at registration helps with congestion of the registration area while allowing us to expedite the process and get your camper(s) on to a great and safe camp.

3. In addition, we will be taking every camper’s temperature upon registration. We have consulted medical and business professionals to see the current policy/trend of a temperature that would constitute a camper from not being able to stay. Not every person’s temperature is going to be 98.6 each time it is taken. We realize, especially in the summer, that there is and can be a fluctuation and/or a margin of error. To be on the safe side, we have sought out medical advice which has reinforced the policy already in place: of a camper not being able to attend if their temperature is 100 degrees or higher. If your camper(s) shows this level at registration, along with the chart below*, they will not be able to stay, no exceptions. Please check your camper’s temperature and the chart below before you start your travels to camp. This can avoid “heartache” and frustration for all parties. If at registration your camper cannot stay, we will refund you the following week. Temps will be taken with a contactless thermometer. If there is a discrepancy, we will also use an oral version to compare.

4. Once at camp, a camper is not allowed to leave for any extracurricular activities…PERIOD. If they leave, they will not be allowed back to camp due to the “sterile” environment we have created. This includes medical or family emergencies. We will prorate your refund based on the time your camper was at camp. (Remember, this policy is for this year and the unusual health issues.)

5. Again, these policies are in place to give peace of mind, but more importantly, to provide the best possible “safe camping experience” in light of this year’s health challenge for the campers and staff.


While at Camp:

1. Camper’s temperatures will be taken each morning and monitored by our medics. We are working to have two trained medical personal at each camp. Thus, doubling the medical care from previous years.

2. Hand washing will be enforced multiple times throughout the day and of course, before each meal and after each restroom break.

3. Our current policy for camps is that snacks are NOT allowed. We provide plenty of them for your camper. We strongly encourage you to enforce this as we will confiscate any snacks so that others aren’t potentially sharing unwanted health things with each other. We will make sure they get plenty of food.

4. Sun screen: We keep some on hand but ask this year that you make sure your camper has some with them. UV light is great at combating the virus and we will spend as much time outside as possible. We want to make sure we don’t cause another issue (Sunburn) as we address the virus.

5. No outside visitors during the week of camp.



1. We will be doing extra cleaning of the restrooms throughout the day as a preventative measure.

2. All meals will be served by kitchen staff. Kids will not be touching food items and condiments will be individually wrapped.

3. We will have PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) available as needed. Multiple hand sanitizer dispensers will be available in each major gathering area.



In Closing:

We understand concern, we love your camper a lot, as well. We will be proactive in the camp environment to protect as best as we can. Please realize that no one (other than God) can totally protect or eradicate the virus while your campers are here. The waiver form on your registration MUST be signed to allow your camper to attend. We reserve the right to modify procedures based on the best interest of the camp. We do not want to come across as being harsh, but we are standing firm on these protocols in order to bless everyone wanting to attend or serve. The waiver form on your registration MUST be signed to allow your camper to attend a Bible Memory Ministries Camp. Thank you for helping us to bring hope to you and your camper this year.



Registration & Camp schedules:

(We reserve the right to cancel a camp if the state that it resides in, states as law that we are unable to hold residential camps. Refunds will be provided.)

OK-1 Oklahoma High School: Sign up starts on May 20th/Camp was AWESOME!
OK-2 & 3 Oklahoma Elementary: Sign up starts on May 20th/Camp is CANCELED
OH-1 & 2 Ohio Jr. High & Elementary: Sign up starts on May 20th/Camp is June 29-July 2
IN-1 Indiana High School: Sign up starts on May 20th/Camp is July 6-10
SI-1 S. Indiana: Sign up starts on May 20th/Camp is July 13-16
IN-2 N. Indiana Jr. High: Sign up starts on May 20th/Camp is July 20-24
IN-3 N. Indiana Elementary: Sign up starts on May 20th/Camp is July 27-30
IA-1 Iowa: Currently postponed for 2020/Working on longer Fall camp.



In the amazing and powerful love of Christ,
Chris Howell
Executive Director
Bible Memory Ministries