Hello Bible Memory Family,

Remember when the picture above, was the major concern when coming to camp? That said,
there are a lot of questions and concerns with all this "virus stuff". The first and most
important thing I want to communicate is this...we at the ministry are confident in what
our amazing, powerful and awesome God can and is doing in the midst of a crazy

Psalm 18:1-6 is a great passage to read! We are standing on this even when the
ramifications could have a huge impact on the ministry. God has it all in control! I do
not say that to be trite, but to infuse courage into your situation.
On a practical side, I am enclosing a link that our friends at "Key for Kids" is making
available for those of you with kids at home.

Download Here!

It has 5 coloring pages, 4 Keys for Kids stories, a journal section on encouraging each
other, and a prayer page to let us know how we can pray for your family. (Home-school
parents are probably smiling and saying to all our public school parents "See, it's not
that easy after all") Click the link and it will allow you to download some really cool
Bible based activities.

I hope to work on some more creative resources or videos to bless and encourage your
family. Currently, all our schedules are proceeding as planned, but please pray for us as
we take steps to evaluate our upcoming banquet and summer camp schedules. We'll
keep you updated as we receive more information as it comes to us in each state.
Until then, WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOU! May the Joy, Peace and Courage of Jesus totally
engulf you and your family.

Love you all,
Proverbs 3:5-6