Camp Registration

PRE-register now and receive this exclusive T-shirt besides your camp shirt.  So you will actually receive two shirts if you PRE-register before May 13, 2024!


(Both shirts will be given to you at your camp to avoid S/H charges.)

2024 Summer camps will be open for PRE-registration on March 31, 2024 - May 13, 2024

You will find that there is now a PARTIAL non-refundable deposit of $50.00 required for all types of registration.  PRE-registration secures a "bed" for your camper(s) AND your camper will receive an additional one of a kind t-shirt at camp if they PRE-register between March 31, 2024 and May 13, 2024!!! After May 13th, camp registrations will be closed two weeks prior to the start of your regional camp.  (Click HERE to see the date for closing of your camp's registration.) 




Click here to register for Summer Camps