Who Is Bible Memory?

A seed planted

This video is one of three that will be released. The intention of these videos is to give you a small glimpse into the past, present, and future effectiveness of God's WORD flowing throughout the ministry. Please don't miss any of them!

A glimpse of the Harvest

This week's video is the second of three that will be released. The intention of today's video is to show you, the viewer, a small glimpse into the present impact of God's WORD flowing throughout the ministry.

Expansion of the Ministry

This video is the third its focus is to let you, the viewer, get a small glimpse of what God has been stirring in our hearts within the ministry for a while. Expansion, as in a big expansion of His Kingdom, through Bible Memory Ministries. For those who might think we just want a bigger building, you would be mistaken. You need to understand for the past 77 years we have never owned our own camp, but continued to work out of our tiny office space in Goshen. The pattern of working from an office and renting camps will continue to be our pattern. It’s just that we need more office space. The heartbeat has always been to go as Jesus commanded, and thus the reason we rent campgrounds, wherever God leads us. The Board and staff clearly hear God saying to go to more states, yet realize we can’t do this without more consistent staff help. Thus the development of the Bible Memory Academy that will be housed in this new building will allow us to develop more leaders to continue to do the vision of the founders, to go and make the written and living WORD known. We’ll explain the details of both the new building and the B.M.A. in future videos and our upcoming newsletter. As you become acquainted with the vision, please prayerfully consider partnering with us in the new vision.

Please consider partnering with us. Your donation helps grow the next generation of leaders to Know The WORD.


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