~ About Our Camps ~


Camp Times

All Summer camps start at 10:00 am and on the last day, campers are to be picked up at 1:30 pm

All Fall/Winter camps start at 10:00 am and on the last day, campers are to be picked up at 1:30 pm  EXCEPT: Ohio Elem. (OHW-2) & S. Indiana Elem. (SIW-2) are day camps.  10:00am until 7:00 pm.



Our main focus at camp is to teach, instruct, and lead by example on how to have a relationship with Jesus. We bring students from many churches together for a camp experience of fun, fellowship, and spiritual challenge. We want them to know that Jesus loves them, will forgive them of their sins and has a plan for each of their lives. We want them to leave camp knowing that Jesus has made an impact on them and that He wants them to impact others for Him.



Life at Camp

  • Everyday at camp is an exciting blend of worship, recreation and fellowship!


  • The Bible Memory staff and counselors are energetic, love Jesus, and are enthusiastic about their campers having a meaningful camp experience and, most importantly, feeling loved and accepted.


  • Each day the camper has many exciting activities available. Team games, swimming, boating, crafts, tournaments, the popular game of carpet ball, and snacks are all part of the fun.


  • The Treasure Hunt devotional gives each camper opportunity to reflect on the camp theme during quiet times. Bible studies, teen talks, and small group discussions are spiritually challenging.


  • Each day of camp ends with awesome worship at the campfire. Campers are challenged to have a personal relationship with Jesus and are given opportunities to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord or to rededicate their lives to Jesus. This is an important time in the life of the camper.




Camp Standards

We strive to provide a safe, fun environment where campers can be free of distractions and learn more about God and others.

  1. The clothes worn at camp are a testimony to others and should not distract. Therefore...
    • Spaghetti-strap tops or clothing that shows bare mid-rifts and backs are considered not appropriate to wear at camp. 
    • Guys and Gals should make sure that their shorts are finger tip length.
    • No "side-cut T-shirts" that expose your torso.
    • Swim suits need to be covered to and from the pool area.
    • No attire should have printed messages that are in direct conflict with the spirit of God's Word and desires. (Phil. 4:8, Matt. 7:12)
    • Campers and Staff are asked to make the spirit of modesty a priority without reverting to a legalistic approach to attire. (Gal. 5:18, Matt.7)
  2. To facilitate a safe and distraction-free environment, In the following links you can see what to bring to each seasonal camp and also what Bible Memory prohibits campers from bringing.     *CLICK        Here for summer list.            Here for winter list.
  3. All meals, classes, and activities of the daily camp schedule are to be attended by each camper.
  4. Campers are not allowed to leave camp and return without the permission of the Executive Director.  And if they leave, it must comply with our following Camper Temporary Absence Policy.  

Camper Mail

Although "camper mail and/or emails" from parent/guardians is not prohibited, please note that it will be collected and given to the camper at the last meal of camp.  There are many logistical and programming reasons for this that actually benefits all the campers. 

Insurance & Health

Accident insurance is carried on all campers to cover the cost of minor treatment and supplement any health or accident insurance that the parent’s carry.

A first-aid certified person is on staff to take care of any minor problems.

Health forms are sent to each registered camper and must be filled out, signed by a parent or guardian, and brought with them to camp.



Leave at Home

In an effort to see that students are truly able to "get away" from their everyday surroundings we ask that students leave the following electronic items at home: Cell Phone, Camera, iPod, iPad, Kindle, Computer, any portable gaming devices, Apple/Smart watches, so basically ALL electronics.