The reasoning with some of the changes:  Safety is the largest issue.  Decades, even 5 years ago, finding a trusted volunteer was a very simple process.  However, with our cultural and societal changes, this process has caused us to take a serious pause in making sure we are doing the best we can to provide training for our staff, while screening for the best possible staff for the safety and spiritual edification of your camper.   This requires time and when we do not have a solid idea how many campers are attending our camps that are in different states, well that is not healthy and not doing due diligence. Aside from increasing our training and securing of staff, we also have demands placed upon us from the various campus that we rent that have time sensitive deadlines.  Our goal is to point campers to Jesus in the best environment for the best price possible.    Please pray for us as we continually strive to honor Christ, our staff, you the parent/guardian and your camper with constant improvements to this ministry. 



Summer camp discounts will be simplified to REQUIRING a camper to JUST do their age appropriate Bible Memory verses.  Either you do all the verses and get the discount or you do not get the discount if you DON'T do all the verse for that year.  Bible Memory’s monthly or weekly curriculum are NOT required, but are strongly encouraged and available to assist you with memorization.  They could even serve as an alternate curriculum for your children’s ministry’s and Sunday School programs. (*Other Bible Memorization programs will not qualify towards our camp discount.)

The Board felt that we could still encourage potential campers with their Biblical memorization of verses, yet simplify camp attendance requirements.   However, we recognized the difficulty of both verses and curriculum mandates previously presented to some families, thus we’ve returned to just doing the Bible Memory Verse memorization for a camp discount.  Either do the verses to obtain a discount, no verse equals no discount.

When comparing other area camps, we are still below their cost as much as $200.00!!!  That said, we are constantly working on ways to keep camp costs down and stay as inexpensive as possible for your camper to have a fun and faith-filled camp experience.  (*The simplification of getting a discount is currently based on an HONOR system of reporting your learned verses.  Please do not take the discount if you do not finish the verses, especially with the growing inflationary cost.  We are doing all we can to provide top-notch and extremely affordable camps for you.  If we work together, we will be able to continue so that you can experience Christ at our camps.) 

Please verify your camper's completed verse work with your church sponsor.  As they will have to record the camper's progress on a BMM Sponsor “Score” Sheet and then send it to us just like we have done in the past.  Our hope is to have an electronic means via internet for you to accomplish verse tabulation in the future. Thank you for helping your child dive into a greater relationship with Christ through the written WORD. Please call the Bible Memory office (574-533-5388) if you have further questions. Register for camp here

Finally, churches, church sponsors and parents, if at all possible a minimum of two weeks before camp starts, please pay in full for your camper(s).  Preferably in the form of a check and sent to the office.   Sending a check will ultimately saves both you and the ministry financially, due to NO online payment fees taken from the already low prices that we offer. THANK YOU!!! 


In Christ’s Love,

Christopher Howell
Executive Director

Camp Dates and Pricing

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 Camp Dates and Pricing

BMM Order Form

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Curriculum order form

BMM Sponsor Score Sheet

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BMM Sponsor "Score" Sheet Form


Please List each camper, grade, and camp code separately with the amount the church is paying for each camper.

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Camp Church Payment Form